AGPRO Air and Commodity Carts are known for outstanding durability and performance. Whether using liquid, NH3 or dry fertilizer, our standard or custom carts can handle the job. 80 to 210 bushel hoppers and 2600 gallon liquid tanks are just some of the configurations available for you.

Steering axles have become a popular feature for our advanced hillside customers. They can be attached along with the drill to any cart. Staight axles are a standard feature and can handle up to 40,000 lbs.

Many of our customers have ideas and field conditions resulting in specialized concepts for our carts. We are happy to work toward the best solution of performance and engineering to produce a high quality and durable cart. Features have included delivery augers, Fargo box applications, electronic scales, GPS controllers, and boom section control.

    AGPRO Air & Commodity Carts are designed to fit your needs with the exact number of outlets and features your drill requires. Please call or email to find out what we can do for you.
Air Carts: Stock or Custom Designs!

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