• Positive ground driven metering system ensures accurate application regardless of ground speed.

  • 60 speed gearbox with 5% difference between settings.

  • 1.5 Bushel (micro bins), to 210 Bushel Hopper Capacity.

  • Sliding gate shutoff and air delivery.

  • Implement mounted.

  • Digi-Star ® Weight Scale Kit available.

  • Clutch Control for up to 5 Sections.

  • Air Delivery with 6" or 8" High Performance Crary ® Hydraulic Driven Fan.

Popular Models Capacity Dimensions
185-D 85 cubic feet (68 bushel) 54"W x 72"L x 68"H
1100-D 100 cubic feet (80 bushel) 60"W x 84"L x 68"H
1115-D 115 cubic feet (92 bushel) 60"W x 96"L x 68"H
1130-D 130 cubic feet (104 bushel) 60"W x 108"L x 68"
1132-D 132 cubic feet (106 bushel 60"W x 96"L x 72"H
1135-D 135 cubic feet (108 bushel) 60"W x 84"L x 78"H
1220-D 220 cubic feet (175 bushel 60"W x 120"L x 78"H
1260-D 260 cubic feet (210 bushel) 60"W x 144"L x 78"H


  • Hydraulically driven fill auger makes filling easier.

  • Mid-Tech, Raven, or Micro-Trak Control Systems allow on-the-go rate changes with computer accuracy.

  • Hydraulic Driven Clean Out Auger.

  • With a simple change of metering rollers, our systems can seed Mustard, Canola, Peas or Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas).

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Agpro "Grass Blaster"

Fill and Clean out Auger

Optional S.S. Metering Bottoms

1100-D on J.D. 1890 Drill

Section Control with Electric Clutches

Box Mounted to Agpro 3812

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